900-700 BC
There is archaeological evidence of stone and bronze age settlements by the Thames. Between the 1st and 5th centurieds AD Egham was on the Roman Road from London throught Staines to Silchester.

666 AD
In 666 Chertsey Abbey was founded and its lands included that of Ecga’s Ham -Egham.

The Domesday Survey of 1085 shows Egham to consist of 15 hides of land and to be worth £30-10s-0d.

Magna Carta was sealed by King John at Runnymede in 1215.

In the 14th century John de Rutherwyke of Egham was Abbot of Chertsey for 39 years.
Chertsey Abbey was dissolved in 1537 and the Manor of Egham was acquired by the Crown. For a few years the deposed Abbot John Cordery was Vicar of Egham.

In 1642 Prince Rupert’s Royalist forces were to be seen in Egham.

Between 1734-1884 horse racing, patronised by Royalty, took place at Runnymede.

In 1743 John Wesley preached at Egham and ‘rescued’ the Vicar’s poor sermon.

From 1800-1856 up to 60 public coaches a day came through Egham. It was a place to change horses and so the inns flourished. There was decline after 1856 when the railway arrived.

1853 – 1870 the Reverend J.S.B. Monsell, the famous hymn writer, was Vicar of Egham.

In 1885 England’s first Labour Exchange was opened by Nathaniel Cohen in Egham High Street.

The following year, 1886, Her Majesty Queen Victoria opened Royal Holloway College.

Historical events, including the sealing of Magna Carta, were re-enacted in 1934 in the Pageant of Ruunymede in which local people took part.

In 1953 The Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial on Coopers Hill was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

1957 The Magna Carta Memorial at the foot of Coopers Hill was unveiled by the President of the American Bar Association.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial at Runnymede was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The separate Urban District Councils of Chertsey and Egham were re-united as Runnymede Council on 1st April 1974.


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